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Located an hour-and-a-half north of Milwaukee, this rustic cabin features good access and a stunning view of Lake Michigan.

Grand Canyon West
Although outside of the borders of Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West offers sweeping views of the massive canyon from the newly constructed Grand Canyon Skywalk. Add in some conveniently located western cabins, and you have all the makings for a very accessible western adventure.

Exploring the Hopi Arts Trail
Located in Northeastern Arizona, this 125-mile scenic drive is dotted with galleries and cultural attractions that shed some light on the Hopi culture. Although not all the stops along the way are wheelchair-accessible, this emerging cultural destination is doable for many wheelchair-users and slow walkers.

Curious Traveler: Getting to Vancouver Island
Candy Harrington outlines the most accessible ferry choices for getting to Vancouver Island.


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Exploring the Hopi Arts Trail

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Help! WestJet Won’t Take My Scooter

I have a lightweight travel scooter with a lithium-ion battery. I’ve had no problems taking it with me wherever I go, but when I went to check-in for a WestJet flight last week they told me that I could not transport the batteries. How can they do that? This is an assistive device I need because of my disability. Do I have any recourse? Read the answer...

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Know Before You Go

Planning an Accessible Vacation: Wheelchair Van Rentals

Although the availability of accessible ground transportation has greatly improved over the past 10 years, sometimes it's just more practical to drive your own vehicle. This is especially true if you're planning a vacation that includes a visit to a national park, a road trip to a rural part of a country or a journey which includes stops in several cities. And since driving your own van isn't always a possibility, wheelchair van rentals are the perfect option for folks who want a little independence in their travels, yet still require comfortable and safe adapted transportation. More...


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National Constitution Center Hosts Slavery at Monticello Exhibition

Slavery at Monticello, an exhibition that focuses on Thomas Jefferson’s slave ownership, is slated to run through October 19, 2014 at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center. Although Jefferson helped create a nation based on individual freedom, he remained a slaveholder throughout his life. This powerful, revealing, and deeply personal exhibition follows the stories of six slave families who lived and worked at his plantation.
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Barrier Free Travel Blog

29 August 2014, 1:33 pm
Yes Virginia, Some People That Use Airport Wheelchairs Can Walk After reading yet another opinionated article about the legions of air travelers who just use wheelchairs to get fast-tracked through security and be first to board, I feel I have to set the record straight. First and foremost, nobody really … Continue reading →

11 August 2014, 4:31 pm
Longwood Gardens Debuts Accessible Meadow Garden Whenever I go back and visit my Pennsylvania friends, I just have to stop at Longwood Gardens. Located in Kennett Square, it’s about an hour from downtown Philadelphia, but believe me it’s well worth the drive. I first discovered Longwood … Continue reading →

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